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» lloyd mayflower - 22-01-20:56 -- Canelo has cancelled the Chavez fight and signed to fight GGG in New York at 160 #alternativefacts
» Warlord - 22-01-19:38 -- How about dem Falcons??? Stats didn't lie this time. On the road, playing in a dome, and down 9 points or more, Rodgers just couldn't get it done.
» Spyder - 22-01-18:59 -- Not even that would help GB now. This thing is over.
» Warlord - 22-01-17:38 -- That may be their only chance now. Matty Ice is a machine.
» Spyder - 22-01-16:18 -- ...OR get turf toe and a torn labrum on his throwing arm.
» JONdaCON - 22-01-01:34 -- This is Mattys year. He's always been poised for a break out year. This is it. Time to join the Bradys and Rodgers in the upper echelon of QBs.
» Warlord - 21-01-18:22 -- And Rodgers statistically plays better on a field than in a dome. Top that off with the fact that his QB rating is at its lowest when GB goes down 9pts or more. Matty Ice is typically very good when playing from behind. His QB rating last year was actually at its highest when the Falcons were 9 points or more behind.
» Warlord - 21-01-18:20 -- I meant to say every playoff loss was one the road.
» Warlord - 21-01-18:20 -- I don't expect the Falcons to win. Never have, never will. But I was looking at the stats earlier for Green Bay in the last 5 years, and they finished 4-4 on the road every year except 2015, where they finished 5-3. And every loss they've suffered during that same span? On the road. 0-3 on the road in the playoffs (the other loss was a wildcard loss at home.)
» JONdaCON - 21-01-01:18 -- But especially NE.
» JONdaCON - 21-01-01:17 -- I just dont wanna see another 'Ship for NE, Pitts or GB for that matter.
» Warlord - 18-01-15:24 -- No, they aren't. And I was hoping for Dallas, as I think we match up better against them. Green Bay still has a banged up secondary though. The game will come down to Atlanta's defense. They typically play well for 2-3 quarters, and then give up a ton of points trying to sit on their lead in the 4th. They've been that way for years. If the defense can step up, they have a good chance of winning.
» Spyder - 18-01-14:48 -- They gave a good whoopin to Seattle. I'll concede that. Good luck against GB...they aren't the same team ATL got earlier in the season.
» Warlord - 18-01-06:45 -- Re-alighnment I meant to say. Damn autocorrect.
» Warlord - 18-01-06:44 -- The division rivalry runs deep, haha. I always cheer for whatever NFC South inevitably and invariably make it to the divisional championship and/or Super Bowl. I hate them all more than any teams in football, but they still represent our division -- the best in football since the alignment.
» Spyder - 18-01-04:41 -- Not me. I hope that Matt Ryan gets a bad case of syphilis, and that Julio Jones gets deported back to where he came from...Alabama.
» JONdaCON - 18-01-02:24 -- Man i hope ATL wins it all...
» Warlord - 14-01-21:38 -- How 'bout dem Falcons?
» JONdaCON - 04-01-00:50 -- Giants might be the ones... we beat them in Lambeu in 07 and 11 then eventually won it all. GBs secondary is shyt right now...
» Warlord - 31-12-13:48 -- We should've beat Seattle in the first game. I'm not worried about that match-up. I just want someone to take out Green Bay. We were only every able to beat them with Vick.
» JONdaCON - 31-12-00:13 -- You may get Seattle..... im hoping we(NY) get the Lions in the 1st round, if they can beat GB, then the Boys again.
» Warlord - 25-12-23:10 -- Haha. Thanks, bud. If we win next week, we clinch the first round bye. Hopefully that means Matty Ice will continue to expand his NFL all-time record for most consecutive games with at least 200 yards passing per game.
» Spyder - 25-12-13:12 -- I hope that everything bad in the world happens to Atlanta, and only Atlanta.
» Warlord - 24-12-21:17 -- And Merry Christmas to the Atlanta Falcons, and a great big FUCK YOU to the Succanners who get a lump of coal to go with that ass whopping the Aint's put on 'em. NFC South, baby!
» JONdaCON - 12-12-11:40 -- HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS?!?!......
» JONdaCON - 05-12-00:03 -- Eli Manning makes me drink. ?
» Spyder - 20-11-12:57 -- Yes we do. I will accept payment via paypal. Smile
» lloyd mayflower - 20-11-06:32 -- Haha no mate I have changed my bookmark now. However we do need to discuss the recompense for the time spent/anger caused by this unsavoury incident
» Spyder - 20-11-03:16 -- For real? It costs me $15 a year for a domain that does nothing but redirects to here. Do I really need to renew it?
» lloyd mayflower - 19-11-13:04 -- Spyder, the boxingunfiltered.com domain name has expired leaving my bookmark useless.... WHAT THE FUCK??? Get your eyes back on the fucking prize!
» JONdaCON - 18-11-03:08 -- You'd be surprised... War is completely right. Walk up to a female and confidently tell her you wanna fucc. 9/10 their curiosity will get the best of them. 1/10, you may get slapped. The rewards are well worth the risk.
» lloyd mayflower - 16-11-11:10 -- Its the sort of thing those of us who watch a lot of porn (thats all of us btw) always think might one day happens to us but it doesnt. Jon is living rhe dream. Bastard!
» Warlord - 15-11-18:55 -- I'll tell you boys something right now. A strong woman desires nothing more than to be dominated by a strong man. The stronger they are, they wetter they get and the more intensely they desire that domination. That's literally why you'd get a girl going straight to her knees for a complete stranger. Jon, you did the right and moral thing there.
» the ollie reed fan club - 15-11-17:23 -- This is where the outrage over the Trump tape amused me. It never fails to amaze me the amount of women who obediently respond to the command 'let's go and fuck.'
» JONdaCON - 15-11-15:39 -- You know theres always that split second of thinking "God, i hope im reading the signs right"... ive had a few similar situations and so far, so good!
» lloyd mayflower - 15-11-11:11 -- Bravo Jon. Bra....fucking....vo
» Spyder - 14-11-17:22 -- Just like Trump said! When you're famous, like JDC, bitches let you do whatever you want! #MAGA
» JONdaCON - 14-11-16:46 -- A fucced some chicc at my Gym on Sat... She was piccing up her kids in the Kids Club while i was cleaning up... it was spontaneously awesome. She pretty much come up to me and kneeled in front of me... i dropped the pants and shoved my cocc right down her throat, no questions asked. Fucced her while her kids sat in the kids club looking lost. "Where's Mommy?".
» lloyd mayflower - 12-11-05:18 -- Shame?? Regular masturbation is the cornerstone of a healthy prostate and also key to mens mental health
» Spyder - 11-11-13:56 -- Naw, alcohol helps take the edge off of the post-fap shame.
» lloyd mayflower - 11-11-05:56 -- Trying to crack one off whilst drunk is like trying to play pool with a rope
» Spyder - 11-11-04:12 -- I wanted to lower my inhibitions to make sure that I could close the deal. I only go for sure things now.
» lloyd mayflower - 11-11-03:41 -- I assume fapping means masturbation? If so why are you doing it whilst drunk?
» Spyder - 10-11-14:05 -- I was too drunk to remember, but I do remember it being below my standard expectations.
» Warlord - 10-11-07:35 -- What pic, Spyder?
» lloyd mayflower - 09-11-03:58 -- Misogynist
» Spyder - 09-11-02:42 -- Owned. I'm so happy right now, I just fapped to a very unremarkable pic.
» Spyder - 05-11-02:03 -- After paying off all of my wife's student loans, I just finished paying mine off today. Suck it Sallie Mae!
» Spyder - 04-11-21:24 -- I seriously think that the Bucs season would be different with a healthy Doug Martin or Charles Sims. For what it is worth, I thought that Mike Glennon did great coming off of the bench.
» Warlord - 04-11-21:05 -- Julio Jones has had an ankle injury since preseason. He's been playing hurt since the first game of the season. Injuries and bad calls are part of the game. Otherwise I'd be on here talking about how the Falcons should've beaten Seattle and San Diego. Don't take it too hard, though. I'm just giving you grief.