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» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:50 -- yeah rigth Lloyd, somewhere at FBI HQ Chris Wray has just seen trumps rally and is shook to his core, turning around to his troops he says' right that seals it, we HAVe to find kavanaugh not guilty now.' LOL
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:49 -- yeah well welcome to politics Lloyd. the Dems had that woman's testimony for SIX WEEKs and did nothing with it before leaking it at the last minute as an attempt to stop kavanaugh's appt to the SC. Really who is playing the dirty games here buddy?
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:49 -- Imagine thinking it DOESNT make a difference.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:48 -- If outside influences dont matter then why are media outlets held in contempt of court for publishing details of ongoing cases?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:47 -- You somewho live in cloud cuckoo land where you belive that trump saying what he said at a rally is going to influence Ford's chance to get a fair hearing from the FBI. What a cook!
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:47 -- I think he is a politician passing commentary on the integrity of a US citizens testimony for political reasons. I think that is wrong, and would be wrong regardless of left, right or centre
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:46 -- Pressed enter too soon there,
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:46 -- I don't mind them doing what they are doing as they are only destroying themselves in the process, just as I don't mind Trump punching back.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:46 -- I am no supporter of any media by the way, just to be clear. My question was about Trump, your whataboutery brought media into it. MY condemnation of media
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:46 -- Lloyd you were the one coming on here condemning Trump, all I said was if that is your position where is your consistency in condemning the MSM?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:45 -- The president has got the FBI to reopen the case, to the best of my knowledge Donald Trump is in no way running that investugation.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:44 -- And asking for my condemnation of them is a bit rich considering you are wholeheartedly NOT condemning Trump, but actively supporting what he did
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:44 -- I think the media have a GREATER responsibility in that they aren't supposed to be partisan but clearly are.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:43 -- Do you think the media have the same responsibility to ensure a US citizen gets a fair hearing as the President of the country? The whole thing is pretty seedy tbh, but do you not think that it would be better for him to simply say the FBI can do their job and we will respect their findings?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:41 -- So does Kavanaugh get a fair hearing too?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:40 -- You are the one is uncomfortable with what Trump said, so where is YOUR condemnation of the Democrats, the entire fucken sleazy MSM and HW? after all it's SOOOO important to you that EVERYONE receives a fair hearing.
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:39 -- I notice you only picked HW, what about the MSM and Dems who are all efefctively doing what Trump is doing and WORSE. See I don't have a problem with that, let them do it, just as Trump is free to say what he likes.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:38 -- Who gives a fuck what Hollywood say? You taking issue with their motivations is exactly the same as what I am saying. You are effectively saying that two wrongs make a right here
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:37 -- 'Throwing in his tuppence' hahahahahaha. Are you fucken serious?? have you tuend on CNN lately? My goodness if you want to see someone 'throwing in their tuppence' then you can watch them do so 24 hours a day. Practically every Dem senator and congressman has said that Ford is to be believed. Hollywood has also condemned Kavanaugh en masse, did you catch the SNL live skit? Practically ALL of the MSM media worldwide have sided with Dr Fraud yet GOD FORBID that Trump offers an opinion.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:33 -- It doesn't matter what I believe. It is a fundamental right of everyone to have their case heard fairly. Thats why the media are banned from speculating about ongoing court cases. Its likely also why the media arent allowed to chap on a jurors door and ask them what they think so far. If you cant see that the man in the highest office in the land thowing his tuppence in over a legal proceeding because of political motivations is wrong then once again, I am lost for words.
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-17:18 -- I highly doubt Trump stating the facts of the case at a rally are going to 'sway' the FBI. I mean REALLY Lloyd this is what you believe? LOL
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-17:15 -- He is airing his views on it. And as far as the mocking tone goes, lots of people interpret it that way. Sometimes perception is reality. Even so, the FBI have a job to do. Then if charges are brought, the legal system has a job to do. None of which requires anyone else opinion on who is guilty and who is not. If you dont see Trump as attempting to influence this here I dont know what to say. I genuinely think you are so entrenched and so partisan here that nothing Trump can ever do will be wrong to you. At that point, politics is destroyed.
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-16:59 -- How is the Presdeint getting involved? all he was doing is stating the FACTS of the case. in fact h was the one who opend the FBI investigation! Shouldn't you be happy about that? probably not because that chick is gonna end defending herself from lying under oath.
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-16:58 -- How the democrats could take a mixed up loony toon like Christine Ford and feed her to the wolves with her wonky story just to try and keep a justice off the Supreme Court is what you should be most concerned with.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-16:58 -- If that lassie is telling lies and is unable to meet he burden of proof, then the law will find it so. She has the right to a fair hearing just as Kavanaugh does. So why is the President getting involved at all? Americans love the constiution that limits the reach and power of their politicians, which is fair enough, so how can anyone be ok with due process being interfered with by a politician for political reasons?
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-16:55 -- it's no skin off my nose about feelings. But how anyone can be comfortable with the President of the United States commentating on an an ongoing case in this way blows my mind. He asked before why she didn't report it before, then went on to answer his own question by calling her into question, in public, as the fucking President ffs. And for nothing other than political reasons. Sorry but I dont understand anyone thinking thats ok. Since when was due process for all citizens subject to public opinion pieces by the President?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-16:53 -- the good news though is that Christine Fraud's story is falling apart quit spectacularly.
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-16:51 -- he went out and told a crowd that a mans reputation was being destroyed based on the allegation of a woman that can't remember ANY of the supporting facts around her allegation, just the allegation itself. he then asks whether people think this is fair? It is a valid question, yet somehow the slimy MSM paint this as Trump 'mocking' her testimony when he did no such thing. All he did was state the facts. Remember facts don't care about your feelings.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-16:28 -- What was he doing then?
» the ollie reed fan club - 03-10-16:03 -- No he didn't and if you watched the speech you'd know that.
» lloyd mayflower - 03-10-11:37 -- Did the president of the United States really go on a stage and ridicule a woman who may (or may not) have been the victim of sexual abuse before any investigation into the matter has been closed out?
» lloyd mayflower - 01-10-03:21 -- Been a while, but what an absolute pleasure it was to see Europe go in bone dry on America in the golf yesterday.
» lloyd mayflower - 27-09-14:07 -- For the first time ever, switching between mobile and full versions of the site works. Spyder fixing shit from beyond the grave??
» Romulus9 - 19-09-13:31 -- Joshua-Povetkin & undercard odds have been posted.
» Romulus9 - 15-09-20:03 -- Get your wagers in before 9 PM EASTERN standard time
» Romulus9 - 14-09-12:08 -- GGG-Canelo II odds are posted.
» JD - 09-09-22:47 -- The narrative that it would hurt Nike, or that the NFL is suffering, are both totally false. As I mentioned on the NFL, a down tick in ratings means nothing when the 3 most watched shows of 2017 were NFL games...4,of the top 5, and 37 of the top 50. Across the board ratings are down, look at NASCAR...they are down something like 25%. People are cutting the cable company cord and don’t the the Red Zone channel doesn’t change the way people watch. As I mentioned, revenues were up last year - not down. This isn’t about politics, this is just math.
» the ollie reed fan club - 09-09-20:49 -- I'd LOVE to see the raw dats on those sales, LOL.
» JD - 09-09-09:06 -- Yes. Online sales saw an immediate 31% uptick. I guess they did the math.
» lloyd mayflower - 09-09-07:25 -- I see Nike have reported a 31% increase in sales against this time last year.... Interesting. Almost like their advertising branch know what they are doing
» lloyd mayflower - 09-09-04:06 -- In other news, Serena Williams confirming her status as one of the biggest arseholes in sport
» JD - 07-09-18:41 -- Did you read what I wrote?
» the ollie reed fan club - 07-09-18:10 -- Really JD, so ratings are UP?
» lloyd mayflower - 07-09-07:27 -- The same puddle drinkers burning their Nike gear because of Kaepernick are likely the same people who use patter like "snowflake" for people who are offended by something that they themseves dont find offensive.
» JD - 07-09-07:01 -- The NFL is a machine that can’t fail. A 10% ratings dip is meaningless to them when they still have the most watched shows on TV. 3 of the top 4, 4 of the top 5. Look at the Packers annual report, revenues were up ~5% last year for the league. Any narrative that somehow the league is struggling or in trouble is completely false.
» the ollie reed fan club - 07-09-00:45 -- the NFL was a pretty big machine that thought they couldn't fail as well. We'll see I guess.
» Romulus9 - 06-09-22:08 -- Fuck Nike. Fuck social media. Fuck Colin Kaepernick. Fuck Virginia Tech. And fuck my ex-fiancee, Trashley. ... By the way, ChuCha odds have been posted.
» lloyd mayflower - 06-09-10:46 -- Yes. They are cynical as fuck and will be looking to profit by fanning the flames. Companies do this shit all the time.
» JD - 06-09-10:04 -- But that’s the thing...it won’t take time. They’ll be better than fine today.
» ViperSniper - 06-09-08:48 -- JD called it. Nike will be fine once this passes by in time