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» lloyd mayflower - 06-09-07:26 -- Correct JD. This isn't about beliefs. If Nike thought someones beliefs were endangering their bottom line, that person would be looking for a new job. Big business is no place for beliefs or morals.
» JD - 06-09-07:11 -- Nike is a big company who understands their markets very, very well. Some companies are machines - Nike is one of those companies. Regardless where you sit on the politics of it or what your plans are, Nike did the math. They know how it will impact both their top and bottom line...they will be better than fine.
» lloyd mayflower - 06-09-02:34 -- Do you disagree with me re the number of people (consider the entire planet here) who are willing to shout and stamp their feet is not the same as the number of people who will actually boycott Nike? Social media allows people to vent this stuff with no requirement to follow through with action. Also, grown men getting upset about flags and anthems is incredible to me.
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-18:03 -- No I'm not.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-05:44 -- Sorry, meant vocal minority
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-05:44 -- You are only considering America, and you appear to be considering a vocal majority. It is my opinion that the vast majority of people who disagree with Nike stance arent principled enough to pay an extra 3 dollars for the Adidas one. I think you are projecting your strength of feeling onto the masses here. Controversy sells.
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-05:31 -- 'borders'
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-05:31 -- No-one with a semi-functioning brain would've thought that Kapernick would INCREASE sales, ergo Occams Razor says some fuckstick progressives at Nike thoight this would be a good idea. Remmeber lloyd, progressives, the ones that want social justice and open boarders etc are usually rich liberal elites that have no idea about what it's like to live in the real world.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-02:48 -- Also, to borrow one of the more cringeworthy new and popular phrases that has infiltrated the public vocabulary these days.... Some people are fucking TRIGGERED by Nike.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-02:44 -- Time will tell. I dont believe Nike have a social consience. I certaibly dont believe anyone in their boardroom cares about social justice. If they did, they wouldnt have their stuff made in sweat shops by children. I dont believe there is a progressive agenda behind this campaign. I beleieve they have assessed the profit to be gained by taking this faux stance. If that turns out to be wrong, they will simply 180 it.
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-02:16 -- Lloyd when it comes to SJW insanity they don't understand the free market. Did you know that the Hans Solo spin-off was the first in the series to ever LOSE money? Somewhere in a Nike boardroom some wowser progressives are feeling pretty smug about themselves, but it won't last long. This will be a DISASTER for the company.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-02:13 -- People are sheep and very stupid. If Nike think there is more money to be made by apologising profusely then they will.do that too, with the same level of sincerity as they put into "believeing" in Kaepernick
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-02:09 -- Nike are one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. There are millions and millions of people who think Kaepernick was/is right and will then believe Nike are right. The bottom line is this, if you think Nike give a shiny shit about politics, freedom of expression or anything else, you are a moron.
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-02:04 -- Clearly you have no clue how the kneeling situation has turned out for the NFL.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-01:42 -- I think they will be ok. All publicity is good publicity. For every moron burning clothes they already paid for, there will be a moron who chooses Nike because they think Nike believe in something
» the ollie reed fan club - 05-09-01:28 -- Losing billions of dollars in value, not sure they are that thrilled with the result.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-09-01:02 -- Nike dont give a fuck. Like all major brands these days, they love controversy. Thry dont believe in Kaepernick one way or the other. They simply knew they would get a reaction. Advertising is one of the most cynical businesses going these days. Nike will be delighted witg the results so far.
» the ollie reed fan club - 04-09-21:19 -- And trust me Nike are gonna regret that decision big time. Colin Krappynick is a fucken idiot iof the 1st degree. What a total spastic they have chosen to represent their brand.
» the ollie reed fan club - 04-09-21:18 -- I've been modding plenty lately you Scottish hick cunt.
» lloyd mayflower - 04-09-01:45 -- Burn all your nike gear guys!!!
» lloyd mayflower - 03-09-01:02 -- Ollie actually did some modding guys! ?????
» ViperSniper - 31-08-02:30 -- NIIIICE WORK ROM!! LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!
» Romulus9 - 30-08-22:21 -- ChuCha will return for Porter vs. Garcia.
» Romulus9 - 01-08-17:48 -- If I had the capability to delete things, I would for sure.
» JD - 01-08-11:03 -- Wake up, mods. Fucking low effort.
» Romulus9 - 27-07-16:31 -- Social media ruined my fucking life. Fuck it.
» lloyd mayflower - 26-07-16:17 -- I'm not on social media but I see and hear enough to know that it has shined an unfavourable light on humanity.
» Warlord - 26-07-16:04 -- You are right. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people are complete and total idiots.
» lloyd mayflower - 26-07-00:45 -- I think only an idiot would think that Baron Cohen exposing idiocy in public figures bears any broad meaning to the politics to which they align themselves. And tbh, if someone aligned to me/my party thought arming 3 year olds was a good idea, are backing bare arsed into a terrorist was an effective deterrent, I would want them exposed and ridiculed. But even then you are taking seriously.
» Warlord - 25-07-22:33 -- The fact is that conservative politics work. Reagan proved it, and so too is Trump. I don't care how ridiculous a video some two-bit comedian makes. It means jack-shit to me.
» Warlord - 25-07-22:32 -- But you never hear about that from the MSM, nor do you hear about record-low unemployment for blacks and latinos, nor record highs with the economy. And when the unbelievable GDP increases are announced later this week, it will again be ignored.
» Warlord - 25-07-22:31 -- The problem is comedians don't know shit about the real world. Thanks to Trump's threats of tariffs, the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker flew to Washington personally to sign a huge deal with the United States to import more American goods and work towards zero tariffs on non-Auto Industrial American goods including services, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical products, etc...
» the ollie reed fan club - 25-07-21:52 -- Lets face it Lloyd, those on the right can go and find the most demented of those on the Left and interview them too: Abolish ICE, pedophilia is normal and shouldn't be prosecuted, you can decide your gender etc etc. So easy to play that game and then present the demented person as 'representative' of either left or right ideology.Baron Cohen is an outdated model IMHO, I'm not sure how well the show is doing in America.
» lloyd mayflower - 25-07-13:06 -- Thats the world we live in War. Social media has seen to that.
» Warlord - 25-07-06:41 -- I wish fewer people would base their political opinions on things comedians and celebrities have to say.
» TheTeddyBear - 25-07-02:48 -- Who is America is very very fake, they are staged and ridiculous.
» lloyd mayflower - 25-07-00:42 -- A couple of them missed the mark for me but Baron Cohen does it better than anyone, what blew my mind was the guns for toddlers thing and the guy who was learning to deter terrorists by backing his arse into them to make them gay. Worrying levels of stupidity.
» the ollie reed fan club - 24-07-22:51 -- when he decided to pose as disabled military vet to get an interview with Sarah Palin I lost my appetite to watch it.Honestly these types of 'gotcha!' interviews are easy enough to do, left and right.
» lloyd mayflower - 23-07-23:33 -- Who has seen the first two episodes of Who Is America from Sacha Baron Cohen? Incredible stuff.
» Fitz - 16-06-08:45 -- Will do babe xxx
» lloyd mayflower - 16-06-04:13 -- Fitz can u check Viper is ok plz hun x x x
» lloyd mayflower - 22-05-19:05 -- JD, where the fuck Spyder at Bro?
» Warlord - 08-05-17:35 -- Cobra fucking Kai!
» boxingcritic - 26-04-20:39 -- Bill fucking Cosby!
» JONdaCON - 02-04-00:24 -- That would explain why he kept calling me beautiful....
» lloyd mayflower - 01-04-11:31 -- Considering you started your sentence with "totally" he probably mistook you for a 19 year old girl....
» JONdaCON - 01-04-02:09 -- Totally just had a convo with Ishe Smith. Down to Earth guy, surprised me.
» JONdaCON - 18-03-03:31 -- That new Infinity War trailer tho....
» boxingcritic - 12-03-13:36 -- Pop goes the weasel cuz the weasel goes POP!