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» Warlord - 16-02-18:32 -- The NFL is finding that out.
» lloyd mayflower - 16-02-05:18 -- Free speech without consequence doesn't exist anywhere though.
» Warlord - 12-02-21:37 -- Freedom of speech isn't protected in any private enterprise in any country on the face of the Earth, nor should it be. If I am wrong, find one example anywhere where an employee can say, do, or wear what they want when they are on the clock.
» Warlord - 12-02-21:35 -- Again, if anyone doubts this, they can go to work and take a knee or give a black power salute in front of their customers to protest so-called "racial inequality" and see how long they last. And see if in court in the U.S. will rule in favor of a fired employee who couldn't keep their mouth shut on the clock.
» Warlord - 12-02-21:34 -- The Constitution places limits on the power of the federal government. That is all it does. The constitution does not stop a private company from telling their employees what they can or cannot say or wear when they are on the clock.
» Warlord - 12-02-21:32 -- Of course it is. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
» lloyd mayflower - 12-02-17:00 -- Is that specified? Seems a bit odd.
» Warlord - 12-02-16:48 -- The constitution doesn't give you the right to free speech in the work place. It gives you the right to free speech in the public arena.
» lloyd mayflower - 12-02-16:09 -- I wasnt speculating on who would win, just on whether it fell within rights guaranteed by the constitution to make this protest.
» the ollie reed fan club - 11-02-21:08 -- As War ays Lloyd, the players do have a right to take the knee same as fans have to switch off their TV's which they are doing en masse. Let's see who wins (hint: It won't be the players.)
» Warlord - 06-02-17:43 -- Or call them gobshites.
» Warlord - 06-02-17:42 -- And finally, assuming they did have that right (which they don't), it doesn't negate my right as a paying customer to complain or take my business elsewhere.
» Warlord - 06-02-17:41 -- Or how about a teacher in grade school wearing a MAGA hat or t-shirt. How long would that teacher last? They'd be lucky to get through first period.
» Warlord - 06-02-17:40 -- You have no right to freedom of speech at the workplace. If anyone thinks any differently, they can try taking a knee at work in front of paying customers to protest "racial inequality", instead of providing the service they were paid to provide, and see how far that gets them.
» JD - 06-02-13:01 -- It was a good season - great Super Bowl. Lots of exciting rookies and the makings of a really interesting offseason ahead of us.
» lloyd mayflower - 06-02-09:09 -- Doesn't kneeling fall within their rights as per the constitution?
» Warlord - 05-02-20:46 -- Haven't watched a game since they started kneeling. Done with the NFL. I'll wait for Vince to restart the XFL.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-02-16:21 -- Anyway wheres all the superbowl chat? Shitbagging the NFL seems a bit empty without DMARV
» lloyd mayflower - 05-02-16:21 -- In my defence for those days I work 12 hours and am away from home for 2 weeks at a time....
» JD - 05-02-10:28 -- No question...you guys have it right for sure. 161 days...man. I spent 62 days on planes LOL
» lloyd mayflower - 03-02-18:18 -- I am sure I speak for us all when I say the less days I can afford to work the better.
» Warlord - 03-02-10:57 -- Don't work yourself too hard there, Lloyd. 161 days a year puts our gubment workers to shame.
» lloyd mayflower - 02-02-03:52 -- You failure to progress the standards of living of the American people is hardly my fault. And I work hard for 161 days of the year
» JD - 01-02-18:19 -- You Europeans and your 6 weeks vacation, extra holidays and impossible work contracts...you can't be fired!
» lloyd mayflower - 01-02-07:26 -- It's technically JD's fault. His shady behaviour re the disappearance of our Modfather Spyder has resulted in me and Ollie being overstretched.
» Warlord - 01-02-06:52 -- Come on, mods. That spam has been up since yesterday! No better than your typical gubment worker.
» JD - 15-01-17:42 -- Me. I’m a maneuvering manipulative fuck.
» lloyd mayflower - 14-01-04:11 -- Who is the common factor in these high profile acts of deception.....
» the ollie reed fan club - 13-01-00:01 -- Spyder being 'busy at work' seems about as believable as when Ben was saying JD has disappeared off FightHype because he was married, LOL.
» boxingcritic - 12-01-17:46 -- Just saying happy new year to you guys.
» ViperSniper - 12-01-10:14 -- Hahaha Lloyd. Your new years message looked like it was for a whore!!
» ViperSniper - 12-01-10:14 -- Hahaha Lloyd. Your new years message staryed
» lloyd mayflower - 12-01-09:52 -- Speaking of which, where the fuck is Spyder at JD??? Unless his work have disabled the internet then I cannot buy the time excuse...
» lloyd mayflower - 12-01-09:51 -- Viper cruising a little close to the BANHAMMER.......
» ViperSniper - 12-01-04:34 -- Who ever Lloyd is wishing the best to is gonna be SORE!!!!!
» lloyd mayflower - 31-12-22:21 -- All the best for 2018 men!
» lloyd mayflower - 29-12-01:07 -- The internet is fucking boring
» lloyd mayflower - 25-12-06:59 -- Best wishes from the Mayflowers gentlemen. Eat and drink your fill and have a good one!!!
» JD - 25-12-02:00 -- Merry Christmas fellas. Hope you all enjoy it. Happy to be part of this insanely diverse squad of misfits. Enjoy!
» ViperSniper - 25-12-00:33 -- Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone has great food, drinks, gifts & company for Christmas!!
» Warlord - 24-12-20:28 -- Merry Christmas, guys. Best wishes and God bless.
» JD - 16-12-21:07 -- Likewise. I was thinking...WTF these bots want with little Thai people.
» the ollie reed fan club - 16-12-18:42 -- I thought the same! LOL
» Warlord - 16-12-12:22 -- I thought it was a credit fraud scam or something.
» Warlord - 16-12-12:22 -- Funny thing. For about a week I thought Teddy's "Does being small and from Thailanddiscredit a fighters accomplishments?" was spam due to the way some of the words ran together at the end.
» Warlord - 16-12-12:20 -- They're about as bad as affirmative action hires or "gubment workers."
» JD - 16-12-12:06 -- Typical
» lloyd mayflower - 16-12-09:45 -- Legacy spam is Spyders job. Blame him and JD.
» JD - 16-12-08:19 -- These mods are an embarrassment.
» ViperSniper - 16-12-05:50 -- ..clean up.