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» ViperSniper - 16-12-05:50 -- There is still 9 spam threads on the 1 page, only 2 clicks from here. Not sure whose turn it is to
» the ollie reed fan club - 16-12-04:54 -- Maybe I better start a Clarence ‘Bones’ Adams appreciation thread ?
» lloyd mayflower - 16-12-02:43 -- There dont appear to be any active spam threads now. I assume Ollie got them (finally) but I dont think we can delete them from the latest threads box. Only a focused Viper can ensure they get emptied from there.
» Warlord - 15-12-16:49 -- Can we get rid of those "Fresh fresh fresh" threads when you guys get a moment? I think we need a captcha or email verification system for new members. That'll stop most of that shit.
» JD - 15-12-13:10 -- These boards are filthy.
» lloyd mayflower - 15-12-08:29 -- I would settle for a piece of whatever Spyder scammed then ran away with, the little prick
» Warlord - 15-12-06:41 -- You guys are great, but the front page yesterday and today were covered in the "Fresh Fresh" bullshit again. You're gonna have to give up your daytime jobs and mod this place full time. It pays ten cents an hour.
» lloyd mayflower - 15-12-03:40 -- He may be on about the recent threads box which still shows the shite that has been MODDED. Fear not Warlord, myself and Oille are on #fire
» the ollie reed fan club - 14-12-17:52 -- I don't know what he is on about either, I smash spam like it's the stuff out of a can before I err........went vegan.
» lloyd mayflower - 14-12-15:29 -- ???
» Warlord - 14-12-14:51 -- Come on, mods!
» Romulus9 - 10-12-01:15 -- Logical question: If two lesbians decide that they want to get married, do they need a marriage license or a liquor license?
» lloyd mayflower - 09-12-13:13 -- Focused Lloyd > Focused Judah IMO
» ViperSniper - 09-12-09:36 -- You'd be so much more professional with that word professing. One step at a time through..Focused Lloyd will find a way to get there!
» lloyd mayflower - 09-12-06:08 -- Viper gets it. My knowledge on word processing software needs work though.
» ViperSniper - 08-12-22:05 -- Focused Lloyd>Jack1000
» lloyd mayflower - 07-12-09:33 -- There are some who would agree that my focus sometimes needs to be realigned by others
» the ollie reed fan club - 06-12-18:37 -- Listen up Lloyd, just keep doing your job and i'll do mine, relaxing, chilling and keeping an eye on you to ensure you remain focused and productive.
» JD - 06-12-18:30 -- I wasn’t. Garbage!
» Warlord - 06-12-18:24 -- We're just joking, Lloyd. You're doing awesome. Love seeing a clean page when I visit the boards.
» lloyd mayflower - 06-12-11:34 -- You lads are 50% right.... I wish I could show you the moderator logs. Then you'd see.....
» Warlord - 06-12-11:11 -- There's an awful lot of "Fresh! Fresh!! Fresh and valid fullz and credit" spam for me to argue.
» JD - 06-12-09:37 -- These new mods are garbage.
» lloyd mayflower - 05-12-04:39 -- Ollie needs to get his finger out, Mayflower smashing him at the modding
» lloyd mayflower - 30-11-03:43 -- Yeah lets ban Spyder
» the ollie reed fan club - 29-11-18:47 -- Question: As a Mod can I ban another Mod?
» lloyd mayflower - 29-11-09:58 -- Everyone doing ok in here? No one in need of a banhammer..... Ok, as you were gentlemen.
» lloyd mayflower - 28-11-09:24 -- Of course mate I will get round the forums at every opportunity
» Warlord - 27-11-18:56 -- MMA/UFC needs a touchup as well, it seems.
» Warlord - 27-11-18:55 -- Looking good, Lloyd. Could you get the SocialUnderground and ChuCha subforums too when you get the chance? Appreciate it.
» lloyd mayflower - 06-11-07:18 -- JDizzle you need to find out from Spyder if he intends to come back on here at any point. If the boards malfunctions with no Spyder or Critic around likely we wont get it back online. We also need mods to clear out the nonsense
» JD - 20-10-22:11 -- I’m on Twitter mostly. Meth and Spyder both have my mobile if I disappear.
» lloyd mayflower - 18-10-13:55 -- I was looking at the member list lastnight, seen CEO had looked past the site yesterday..... Potential epic return on the cards!?
» Warlord - 18-10-13:24 -- I don't go social media, but Meth's got my email if anybody needs it.
» lloyd mayflower - 17-10-18:35 -- I dont have any social media but anyone who ever wants to talk outside of here, or in case it does die a death, more than happy to pass on my email address or mobile number for whatsapp etc. Would hate to lose contact with everyone after so long
» JONdaCON - 17-10-16:04 -- Any of you fuccers on FB, Insta, Snap? We need to link up in case this shit dies...
» JONdaCON - 17-10-16:03 -- I have Teddy on a few social medias... he's been doing alot of the family thing... seems to be in a really good place.
» lloyd mayflower - 16-10-09:13 -- Blackdeep hasnt been taken at least. I think its just me and you left you Brummie wank! The others are in the upside down
» lloyd mayflower - 16-10-04:47 -- Are we witnessing the death of this board? Sad if true.
» lloyd mayflower - 10-10-09:39 -- Do none of you social media types have Spyder or Ollie as friends?
» ViperSniper - 09-10-23:39 -- Where is Wally??
» Warlord - 09-10-20:42 -- Where is Ollie?
» lloyd mayflower - 07-10-02:30 -- Teddybear and Brothercane have gone off grid and are currently in a bunker in Iowa. Ollie went to see Parker fight Fury and has been murdered by a gang of gypsies.
» ViperSniper - 07-10-00:56 -- Where has The TeddyBear been?
» lloyd mayflower - 06-10-07:30 -- Spyder is going a CEO here. Hes gone full bitch. (You should never go full bitch)
» JD - 03-10-16:23 -- Last we spoke he’s all good.
» Snoop - 02-10-02:19 -- Seriously. Has anyone spoken to Spyder? Starting to get kinda worried here.
» Warlord - 25-09-15:33 -- Where the fuck is Spyder?
» Warlord - 06-09-07:21 -- Where is Spyder? I fear foul play.
» Warlord - 15-08-06:11 -- Look at this guy! Welcome home.