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» Warlord - 06-09-07:21 -- Where is Spyder? I fear foul play.
» Warlord - 15-08-06:11 -- Look at this guy! Welcome home.
» TheWhiteBuffalo - 14-08-13:38 -- Hi. Can someone point me to the restroom?
» and the NEW - 28-07-06:02 -- Warriors are RIDICULOUS!!!!!
» JD - 24-07-12:36 -- Curry is insanely overrated. Every year he gets outplayed coke post season time.
» Dickagon - 24-07-06:16 -- Curry is overrated. Put him in the league when you could actually guard someone and he'd have no mid range game at all.
» JD - 12-07-20:35 -- Warlord got that right. They'd be flopping from handchecks.
» Romulus9 - 09-07-23:01 -- College basketball > NBA
» Warlord - 07-07-09:52 -- Fuck the NBGAY. Overpaid shitbags. None of these teams today could compete with any championship team from the mid-80's to mid-90's.
» and the NEW - 07-07-06:18 -- Finals MVP and a ring! KD just gettin started!
» JD - 04-07-17:38 -- KD is a pussy...and a hypocrite. Soft as hell. Fuck him, fuck the Warriors
» and the NEW - 15-06-07:26 -- Warriors are RIDICULOUS!!!!!
» JONdaCON - 13-06-00:31 -- Warriors!!!.... KD was a beast, fucc LeBrum!
» Warlord - 12-06-08:16 -- Exactly, Black. Exactly as you said.
» blackbelt2003 - 12-06-07:39 -- The problem is that as you get older you realise the liberal ideals of your youth don't actually stack up and cause more problems than they solve.
» blackbelt2003 - 12-06-07:39 -- I've definitely noticed as I've gotten older that younger/well educated kids are liberal, and the older generation tends to become more conservative. From my history studies it seems nearly all civilisations follow the same model...
» Warlord - 09-06-05:55 -- Add to that the nefarious goals of the Frankfurt school to destroy Western civilization by infiltrating the media and education systems, and you've got the perfect recipe disaster.
» Warlord - 09-06-05:53 -- Not only that, but liberals tend to study the liberal arts and work in the liberal arts as well. It runs the gambit from psychology to acting, but what it has in common is that it deals primarily in feelings. This is why these same people tend to be liberals and/or leftists, because that is an ideology based solely on feelings.
» Spyder - 08-06-19:27 -- It's institutionalized. The bosses are liberal, and they hire liberals. The conservatives are forced to hide their ideology, and the liberals freely share theirs with the assumption that everyone in the room agrees with them.
» blackbelt2003 - 08-06-16:35 -- Why is the media so liberal everywhere? How has that come about?
» Spyder - 08-06-12:44 -- Nothing has changed since the election. Those that voted for him still support him, and those that didn't still hate him. The haters run the media, so those voices will always be louder.
» blackbelt2003 - 08-06-09:34 -- What are the views on Trump over there? Our liberal media is blasting him from all angles. Impeachment, they reckon!
» Spyder - 06-06-20:59 -- Yup. It's why old people over here always vote conservative. Older and wiser.
» blackbelt2003 - 06-06-16:10 -- I was always a pretty liberal kid...the older I get and the more shit I see, the more conservative I get...
» JONdaCON - 05-06-23:17 -- Everywhere they go... places go to hell. Man i feel sorry for my genuinely good Muslim friends. Lol
» Warlord - 04-06-08:28 -- Cultural enrichment strikes again.
» Warlord - 27-05-12:34 -- Not the religion of peace again was it? I don't give a shit about the victims, but I hope those poor, innocent Muslims and their beautiful religion aren't blamed.
» JONdaCON - 26-05-20:14 -- There was a bombing in Manchester! Fucx those pussy ass dudes man. Cowards.
» Warlord - 23-05-10:58 -- RIP Roger Moore. None of you guys even had him in your celebrity death pool.
» Dickagon - 22-05-00:21 -- Then you can tune them out and drink beer and stay off the shit list lol
» Spyder - 21-05-19:07 -- I stopped going. Just tell her that you'll watch the kids so that she can get out of the house. It comes off as super sympathetic, and appears like you're doing her a favor.
» Dickagon - 20-05-17:25 -- I always try to get my fiance to give me a bj in the dressing room but just end up fucking off on espn
» Warlord - 20-05-14:52 -- I took my wife shopping, if you guys are wondering why the hell I'm posting so much right now. Bored as shit sitting down outside the dressing room.
» the ollie reed fan club - 15-05-04:54 -- Hype thinks Floyd is heterosexual and just 'misunderstood.'
» lloyd mayflower - 15-05-03:14 -- Hype is and always will be a little pussy.
» Spyder - 13-05-15:28 -- Hype thinks Trump is racist because he only eats vanilla ice cream.
» Warlord - 12-05-15:02 -- And that Trump is Hitlerian because he got two scoops of ice cream while the Time reporters interviewing him only got one!!!
» Spyder - 12-05-11:37 -- Hype blames Comey, but is enraged that he got fired.
» Dickagon - 12-05-00:07 -- Hype thinks Russia rigged the election
» Warlord - 09-05-22:29 -- How much do y'all wanna bet Hype is a left-wing, cum dumpster Hillary supporter?
» Warlord - 06-05-13:41 -- Is Chelsea Clinton the ugliest hunan being on Earth?
» BrotherCane - 22-02-16:00 --
» BrotherCane - 21-02-14:12 --
» ViperSniper - 21-02-02:03 -- I know right. Also sorry for hurting your feelings Spyder. i know you got good intentions..
» Spyder - 20-02-22:52 -- What's with all of the personal attacks lately VS? I feel like you're not being very sensitive to my feelings right now.
» ViperSniper - 20-02-10:37 -- Thanks sincerely BigGlee
» Spyder - 20-02-09:26 -- The site is working just fine BigG
» ViperSniper - 20-02-02:37 -- LMAO! Please. No PM's required here..just fix this darn site. Jack1000
» Spyder - 20-02-01:36 -- Viper, what is going on with you? PM me. I will help you in any way. I mean this sincerely.
» Spyder - 20-02-01:19 -- Forbidden? What are you talking about?